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Latest Updates

Latest Updates

Latest Updates


In all campuses of Jamiaa’-tul-Mohsanat Pakistan, programs were arranged to show solidarity with Kashmir and to offer tribute to their sacrifices. “Kashmir Week” & Kashmir bazaar were organized in Jamiaa’ Karachi . Where as Jamiaa’ Mansura Sindh held a Kashmir rally. It was followed by a lecture & speech competition on the subject “Kashmir is Burning”. Apart from that different competitions, lectures, speeches and skits were organized in Jamiaa’ Jhang, Larkana and Abbotabad.


Jamiaa’ Mohsanat Mansurah Sindh organized a field trip for the students to the farmhouse near the village The teachers and students not only enjoyed melodious chirping of birds, orchards, the evergreen fields and the blossoming wheat farms but also got to learn about new flowers and fruits. A thoughtful program was also held at the farmhouse to express their gratitude toward Allah for all the blessings. The women of nearby village attended the program as well and showed their interest.


Jamiaa’ Mansehra organized cooking classes for improving cooking and housekeeping abilities. The activity involved preparing food as per the number of persons, deciding the menu, dishing out the meal properly and decorating the table. The students of Aalmia, Aalia and Khasa (1st and 2nd) took these classes on their turn with keen interest and enthusiasm. Meanwhile the students of Karachi Jamiaa’ and Jamiaa’Islamabad also participated in the inter-Jamiaa cooking competitions.


Alhamdulillah! “Al-Mohsanat Research Magazine(mujalla almohsanat)” has been published by the Research Department which includes the articles in Urdu and English. The Magazine was completed with the help of famous scholars and writers. Inauguration ceremony of mujalla almohsanat was held at head-office.Secretary General of Jamaat-I-Islami Women’s Wing, Durdana Siddique was attended the ceremony as the chief guest . The program was also attended by Ayesha Munawwer, Kauser Masood, Amt-ur-Raqeeb, Munawwer Ikhlas, Tehseen Fatima, Talat Zaheer, Khalida Tariq and Atia Nisar who also expressed their feelings.


Mohsanat Training Institute conducted a one-day workshop for the students at the head office. Member of the Training Department, Imaan Sadiqa, conveyed the message and the importance of Surah Al-Kahf in the present day while Nayyar Kashif, teacher at Generations School, conducted the workshop on “Our Shining Stars”. It was followed by another workshop on “Importance of Geography” which was conducted by Vice-President of Jamiaa’-tul-Mohsanat Pakistan, Nuzhat Munim. The students appreciated the efforts and also requested for such programs to be conducted in future.


The calendar of 2018 has been published by the Promotion Department of Jamiaa’-tul-Mohsanat Pakistan like every year. The prominent feature of this calendar is that it includes the calligraphy done by the Jamiaa’ students.


Defence day is one of the most event in the history of our homeland; the day when example of bravery was set. In order to aware the students with the causes & importance of 6th Sep 1965, all campuses of JMP arranged different programs. Jamia Mansoora Sindh, Lahore & Jhung organized lecture & presentations in which the sacrifices of our army & civilians were described. Students also expressed their emotion by speeches & anthems. Moreover in jamia Karachi charts were displayed & multimedia presentation was arranged.


Alhamdulillah ,Mariam RabNawaz ,student of Jamia Karachi who had achieved 1st position in Rabta tul Madaris examination, secured 3rd position in inter arts private 2016 exams under Karachi board . Jamiaat ul Mohsanaat Pakistan congratulates to Mariam RabNawaz , her parents & teachers on this success.


Qurbani is the sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim(AS).In order to aware the students about the actual philoshy & messege of qurbani & hajj Jamia Karachi, Mansoora Sindh, Hub & Lahore arranged lectures in which speakers asked that both these acts are performed in the remeberance of sacrifices of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) & to seek Allah (SWT) pleasure & closeness.Meanwhile a comepetition of charts & poster was also arranged among the students.

Tadreeb News:

Jamiat ul Mohsanat has launched a 12 days tadreeb ul muallimat Program in Jamia Mansehra.In which supervisor of Tadreeb ul Muallimat Farhana Nadir,Naib Rabia Khubaib,member curriculum department Hajra Aziz,Saeda Agha and teachers of all jamaiat attended.In this program eminent scholars conducted workshops on various topics.

Result 2016 :

Alhamdulillah! According to rabta tul Madaris al Islamia board Pakistan annual examination 2016 Jamia tul Mohsanat students achieved positions (Jamia KHI ,Mansehra.Lahore,Toba Tek Singh,Hub,Abbotabad and Sinjhoro).May ALLAh grant them success in this world and hereafter.

Ramazan planning :  

Supervisor of Al khidmat foundation talat zaheer attending general staff meeting in markazi office and spoke about ramazan planning.All members.In addition,teachers and students of jamiat hold Dora e Quran and tafseer in different places all over Pakistan.

Newsletter  Almohsanat:

Under the supervision of “Promotion” dept. the newsletter Almohsanat” has been published.

Two days course for teachers:

Fahm.e.Deen department organized two days course for teachers in Green Flag School Karachi where the speakers put great emphasize on the application of Islamic teaching in our daily life .They further said that the reason of the downfall of Muslim Ummah is that they are not following the Islamic rules.

Visit of Lahore Jamiaa:

Nigran JMP Mobeen Tahira with vice Naheed Farooq visited Lahore Jamiaa where they had meeting with teachers,students and administrative committee individually.

Visit by Japanese Delegation:

A delegation of 15 female students from Japan visited Pakistan;there they also visited Jaamia Lahore and were inspired by the environment.

Mudarrisat Workshop:

Three days' workshop for mudarrisat (speakers) was arranged at Mohsanat training institution, where more than 70 women participated.

Meeting with senior research fellow Rifah University Islamabad Mr.Arshad Ahmed Baig:

A meeting with Mr.Arshad Ahmed Baig former program director JMP & Senior Research Fellow Rifah University Islamabad was held in the head office. Nigran Mobeen Tahira with her team was present in the meeting. various matters were discussed in the meeting likeTadreeb ul Muallimat, Principal meeting & Strategy Document of JMP.

English Language Course:

3 months English Language Course for ladies has started by MTI (Mohsanat Training Institute ) in Mohsanat Headoffice Karachi in which women from various institutions are attending the course.

Training Session in Jaamia Peshawar:

Annual training session for students is an ongoing program in every institution, so in Jaamia Peshawar, training session was organized by the administration. Lecture on "Istehkam e Khandan" was delivered by Ms. Razia Aziz, and then quiz competition was conducted by Ms. Fahana Koser. At the end Ms. Inayat Jadun; Nazima of KPK spoke to the students.

Free medical camp:

A medical camp was set in the surrounding of the Jaamia Jhang, where Dr Nasira looked after the patients. Free treatment was given to all of them.

Election of Head girl:

To increase the political sense in the students; in Jaamia Mansehra Head Girl was elected by the students .There were three candidates, each of them had three days campaign in which they presented their agenda.

Essay Competition:

Essay competition was arranged among the students in Jaamia Abbottabad. Girls participated in the competition with great zeal. This kind of competition helps to increase the skills.

Training Session For Drivers :  

A training session was organized for the drivers of various institutions by MTI at the Mohsanat Headoffice.

Value Based Management III Course:

Five days Value Based Management III course was held in secretariat organized by Training Department conducted by Former Honorary Program Director JMP Arshad Ahmed Baig . Participants included responsible persons of Jamaat I Islami , WWO ,WAT and Islami Jamiat Talibat.

Affiliation of Jamia’-tul-Mohsanat toba tek singh:

During the visit of Nigran of Jamiaa‟-tul-Mohsanat Pakistan Mubeen Tahira and vice Nigran of Jamiaa‟-tul-Mohsanat Pakistan Saima Iftikhar , Toba tek singh was affiliated with Al Mohsanat Trust .With this thetotal number of jamiaat all over Pakistan has raised to sixteen.

Annual Tarbiat Gah for students:  

In Jamiaat all over Pakistan training sessions for students are going on , designed by Curriculum and Training departments in which lecture on “istahkam e khandan”(family bondings) and quiz on geography n general knowledge are included.