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Jamiaa'-tul-Mohsanat Pakistan

Jamiaa’-tul-Mohsanat Pakistan was established in 1990 under the supervision of Al-Mohsanat Trust. The founder team was determined that Jamiaa’-tul-Mohsanat will play a leading role for the revival of Islam. Their passion led them towards the formation of 16 campuses all over Pakistan.

Jamiaa’-tul-Mohsanat Pakistan offers :

  • Shahada-tu-Aamma
  • Shahada-tul-Khassa
  • Shahada-tul-Aaliya
  • Shahada-tul-Aalmiya
Image 08 Jamiaa'-tul-Mohsanat Pakistan offers various courses for the students from primary to master's level.

Zimni Result
Zimni Result
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News & Updates
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Fehm-e-Deen Course Launching:
Al Mohsanat Trust launched Fehm-e-Deen Course at 12 centers all over Pakistan.
Twenty one days training program for teachers & students of Aalmiya was held in Mansehra. Detail
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Donation Appeal

Jamiaa'-tul- Mohsanat has a huge task of reshaping the society, according to the guidelines of Quran & Sunnah. It needs your support whether moral or financial. That will be "Sadqa e Jaria" for you, your family and your relatives. Detail